Signs You Need A Nanny

Signs You Need A Nanny

Everyone likes to think that they are superman or superwoman; they can do it all. But sometimes it is better to admit when you need help. Whether this means you should employ a cleaner, ask someone to walk your dog once a week, or delegate some of your tasks to other members of your team at work. One area whereby a lot of people could do with some help is childcare. It can be very hard to juggle the demands of working life and family life. Read on to discover the seven telling signs that you need the help of a nanny.

  1.     You are a single working parent

Parents who are still together struggle to handle childcare duties when they have each other to share the load, so it’s impossible to comprehend how single parents are able to manage it all by themselves. If you are working then it is likely that you will need someone to look after your child whilst you are at work. Not only this, but you need to remember that you need to have some time to yourself. A nanny can help to diminish the pressure. This is also the case if you are going through a divorce. It can be a difficult time for everyone when family law solicitors are involved, especially children. A nanny can act as a constant in your child’s life, giving them a welcome distraction to all of the difficulties that are going on.

  1.    You and your partner have demanding jobs

If you and your partner both have stressful careers it can be very difficult to juggle this with childcare. After all, work and children both need undivided attention; therefore it is extremely hard to combine the two together. A nanny will be able to take care of all the tough and time consuming tasks, leaving your spare time to be quality time spent with your children.

  1. You have a job with difficult and inflexible working hours

Some employers are very lenient when it comes to individuals with children, however others are not. Furthermore, there are jobs with unique working hours which make it difficult to carry out your childcare responsibility. For example, if you work night shift then you will need to sleep during the day. In this instance a nanny would be extremely helpful.

  1. You constantly hear the words “I’m bored”

If your children are constantly complaining that they are bored and are nagging for you to play with them then perhaps a nanny would be a great solution. Not only will your child have someone to have fun with, but the nanny will take care of childcare tasks you would otherwise have to do. Thus, they will free up time for you to enjoy with your kids.

  1. You want to earn some spare cash

A lot of people wish they could work overtime or get a second job so that they can earn some extra cash. This is especially the case at the moment when you consider the tough economic situation. A nanny will allow you the spare time to do so. The best way to work out whether this is worthwhile is to simply calculate how much extra money you would make and then deduct the cost of hiring a nanny.

  1. Your children are misbehaving

If your children are acting up a nanny can be of help. A lot of the time children misbehave because they are crying out for attention – a nanny will give them this. Furthermore, she will be able to restore some order too.

  1. You have young children

And last but not least, if you have children younger than school age nannies can be really helpful. Not only are they needed because otherwise you would have to partake in childcare 24 hours of the day, but they are more qualified in comparison to other childcare options.

What about live-in help?

You may find that live-in help is better than a nanny. If so, you need to choose between a live in nanny or live in mother’s help. A lot of people are under the impression that these two terms relate to the same job role. However this is certainly not the case. Of course, there are some distinct similarities between the two. As you may have guessed via the name; they are both forms of live in help. In addition to this, they both carry out similar tasks. They will look after your children and help with homework. They will also clean and wash your children’s clothes as well.

One of the main differences between the two is the way the tasks are performed. To give further elaboration; a live in mother’s help will only carry out the cleaning tasks in your presence. They cannot carry out cleaning and childcare duties at once. This is to do with the fact that nannies tend to be better suited to looking after more children and younger children. If your child is only small or a baby then you should probably employ a nanny rather than a helper. Nannies have taken all of the necessary training courses and they have achieved their diplomas, therefore they have all of the qualifications you would expect.

This is definitely not to rule out the importance of live in mother’s help. This can be a very popular and feasible option for many. After all, this form of childcare tends to be a lot cheaper than employing a nanny. You can expect to pay approximately £100 less per week for a live in helper. If you have older children, or are really happy with the helper you have assessed, then why pay more for a nanny? Everyone knows how crucial it is to keep costs down at present and this gives you the ideal opportunity. Furthermore, a live in helper will have had experience in childcare. They will have the skills and attributes for the role. You won’t be employing someone for their practise round that’s for sure.


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