Returning to the dating scene

Returning to the dating scene

Gone are the days when getting out and dating is purely for the younger generation. These days, it’s really not uncommon for the older generation to be out and about meeting people and enjoying each other’s company. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! In fact, in today’s society, where we’re living longer than ever, I think we should be encouraging people of all age groups and all generations to enjoy themselves and make the most of the precious time we have on this earth.

Life is for living – and just because you’re the “wrong” side of forty, doesn’t mean you can’t get out there and enjoy dating or just meeting up with people you’re likely to get along with.

In today’s society, we can’t deny that the internet is full of mobile apps and websites that are aimed purely at the younger generations. This can be a little off-putting for the older generation who didn’t grow up with the world wide web readily at their fingertips.

I think that this is true particularly of mobile phone apps where you can swipe quickly left or right to say whether you like the look of somebody. As the old saying goes – you should never judge a book by it’s cover!

In my experience, the older generation are much more wary of who they meet than the twenty somethings. They prefer to learn a little more about somebody before they take the plunge and arrange to meet them. And there’s nothing wrong with that! In fact, it’s a pretty sensible way to be.

Meeting people online, although in some ways less daunting than meeting them in real life, can actually be quite worrying for the more mature dater.

That’s why, senior dating sites aimed solely at the older generation work really well. The young folk aren’t sharing their profiles on there, and the senior folk can take their time browsing profiles of people that are far more likely to be of a similar mindset than those on general dating websites or apps.

One of the other issues that can put a barrier up for the older generation is that they simply don’t want to or can’t travel too much of a distance in order to meet people. With the online world being so enormous, looking up somebody on the internet can seem like a daunting task. The older generation are far more used to meeting people locally than they are to chatting to people from all over the world.

However, there are lots of locally focused, senior dating sites online where you can meet people from your local area and get chatting to them online before arranging to meet up (if that’s what you decide to do).

Have a look at websites such as london dating, derbyshire dating and guernsey dating. You can see that whilst they’re aimed at specific parts of the country, they are also still specifically tailored for the mature dater.

So, there really is very little in the way for any age group seeking to date or meet like-minded people online.


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