Money Can’t Buy #2

I’m taking part in the #moneycantbuy linky again this week from My Money Cottage.

This week’s been incredibly busy and pretty up and down if I’m honest. I’ve felt stressed and run down probably 90% of the time and the children have been bickering pretty constantly so it has been difficult to see the positives. I’m also worrying about the impending school holidays and working from home with the children here, it’s going to be tricky to say the least! With all that in mind, it’s a short #moneycantbuy post from me this week.

Family visits

Both myself and my husband have a brother, they both live a fair distance away! Mine lives dawn sarf whilst my husband’s lives a little further away in Malaysia! I’m fortunate enough that my brother makes the journey up here fairly regularly but I still don’t see him anywhere near as often as I’d like.

This weekend though, we got to see both brothers. Mine came up with my niece on Saturday and it was lovely to watch the children playing together and nibble on Mum’s famous buffet. My brother in law arrived Sunday morning so we enjoyed bacon butties at the in-laws.

It was quality family time and was wonderful. It really is the simple things.

My Money Cottage

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  1. Gem Cook
    July 30, 2017 / 3:37 pm

    Thanks for sharing!

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