Sibling Love Money Can’t Buy #1

Sibling Love Money Can’t Buy #1

I’m taking part in the Money Can’t Buy linky with My Money Cottage. I love the idea of focussing on the little things and remembering that they’re often the most important.

This week, my Money Can’t Buy moments have mostly focussed around Little Man and his quirky ways. He’s such a bundle of energy, fun and mischief at the moment. He’s a real sticks, stones and muck kind of kid. Always in the dirt, jumping in the puddles and filthy within ten seconds of leaving the house. Neither of my other two children were into muck so it always tickles me how different he is.

This morning on the school run, Little Man did his usual thing of stopping every 2 seconds to pick up a stick. He always does this, no matter what the weather, he picks up as many as he can and stashes them in one hand whilst still holding onto me with the other.

This morning though, he decided his sister was special enough to be honoured with the gift of one of his sticks. At the ripe old age of 8 she doesn’t quite get the stick fascination but she did realise what a huge honour this was. She smiled all the way to school holding onto her stick until she had to walk through the gates. Now that’s sibling love!

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