Have Some Summer Fun Without Going Broke

Have Some Summer Fun Without Going Broke

Every amazing mum loves the day schools break for the summer. You get to have your tiny best friend back in your life, spending each day playing games and going on little n’ large adventures, bonding in ways that will melt your heart faster than ice cream on a cone. You get to play mom again – proper mom – making that six-week break the most amazing time of the year.


There’s just one teeny-tiny little problem: going broke as a result.


It’s a legit #parentingproblem because trying to keep kids engaged and happy and entertained and anything but bored can cost a whole lot of money, the kind that will have you looking at National Debt Relief reviews on your phone while you spend yet another day at the water park, wondering how you will afford groceries for the next six months.


That’s why we’ve pulled together some super-amazing tips and tricks every parent needs to know about – they’ll see your summer holidays get filled with amazing activities without breaking the bank. Winner.


  1. Picnic Parties

Picnics are that cheap and cheerful adventure that kids can’t get enough of. It’s packing up their favourite finger foods, making funny-shaped sandwiches, taking a board game, a frisbee, some books and a water pistol or two and heading to the end of your garden, or to the local park, or that glade you found in the nearby wood. It’s good old daisy-chain making fun.


  1. Kids Go Free

There are more and more places that are offering discounted children’s passes for this, that and t’other. It could be a kidcentric restaurant where kids eat for free, a cinema chain offering 40% off the normal price, bowling alleys trying to hook you with a phenomenal deal or theme park having a mid-summer sale. Whatever it is, have a look at what deals and kids passes are out there and bag yourself the happy-go-lucky bargain of a lifetime.


  1. Water Fun Day

All you need to make a kid squeal with euphoria is some water they can splash about it. That’s it. So if you’ve got a two-week heatwave floating your way, make sure you know where the nearest splash pad is, a gentle brook or stream, or that lake where the parking is as cheap as chips. But don’t keep this exclusive to sunny days. As Insta-Dad, Raised By Kids, explains, “muddy puddles have become the cheapest way to get kids having fun, and it’s all thanks to Peppa and her friends. Wellies on.


  1. Camping Weekends

There is something about the site of a tent that makes kids go utterly bonkers. You don’t even have to head away or find a campsite, you can just put it up in the garden and fill it with duvets, sleeping bags and toys of every kind. You could even set up a little festival in your backyard, play some music, sing some songs and eat some yummy snacks. Forget hotel rooms. Kids love camping. It’s as simple as that. Just ask yours.


*This is a collaborative post.


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