Getting back on the dating scene as a single parent

Getting back on the dating scene as a single parent

One of the things that my single parent friends often say to me is that although they’d love to get out and meet new people, it’s just pretty much impossible when you have children to think about. It’s ok organising a night out with  friends once in a while, but actually going out, meeting people, getting to know them and arranging dates is something else.

Think about it. If you go on a night out, you’ve got no guarantee that you’re going to meet somebody that you’re interested in seeing again. In fact, the chances are that you’d need to go on tens of nights out before you met anybody you were even remotely interested in.

As a single parent, that’s just impractical!

It’s hard enough arranging childcare for one night out, let alone arranging it for multiple nights out where you may or not actually meet anybody you’d like to see again.

That’s why I think that dating sites come in really handy in these kinds of situations. A dating site allows you to browse through lots of profiles without leaving the house – perfect for single parents who struggle! You can put the kids to bed and spend some time browsing sites online to see whether there’s anybody out there who might match up to your personality.

You can enter lots of details about the type of person you’d like to meet on sites such as Match Me Happy and We Love Dates, and they will match you up with people that fit your specifications. It’s so simple and it’s a great way to meet new people.

You can spend some time chatting to people you “meet” online before arranging to meet up in real life. Whilst there’s nothing like meeting somebody face to face, it is a good way to get a feeling of whether your personalities are compatible, and whether you’re likely to hit it off when you do actually meet up.

Dating sites have become really popular over recent years, and it’s now a really popular way for busy, working folk to arrange to meet up with people of a similar mindset. It’s not just limited to the single parent brigade, so you’re likely to have access to profiles of all kinds of people. With our busy lifestyles, the online world has become a really popular way to talk to people and get to know them when we don’t have the time to get out regularly. Gone are the days of the traditional 9-5 Monday to Friday when everyone was able to enjoy their weekends. Nowadays, we’re far more likely to have hectic shift patterns that limit our opportunities to socialise.

One of the concerns that some of my single friends have is the cost of online dating. Whilst it’s true that many companies do charge a registration or monthly fee, there are a tonne of free dating sites available too. So, for those of us constantly counting the pennies, the cost of joining doesn’t need to be an added worry.

Some friends also comment that these sites don’t have anyone local to them – but there are lots of sites around such as Birmingham Dating where you can meet people in your area.

So, in today’s modern world, it’s actually pretty easy to meet new people, and getting involved in the dating scene isn’t just for young, single people any more.

*This is a collaborative post.


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