Don’t throw out that packaging…

Don’t throw out that packaging…

Christmas is coming. Hooray! It’s such a magical time of year isn’t it?! All the excitement in the run up to the big day and watching the kids’ faces on Christmas morning as they excitedly creep down the stairs to see whether Santa has been kind to them this year.

But then, it hits – oh the horror of trying to put together all the complicated toys and gadgets that were on the Christmas list this year!

We’ve made the huge mistake in the past of watching the children happily opening their gifts on Christmas day and slinging out the packaging before they’ve got round to playing with whatever gift they’ve received.


That packaging almost always contains vital instructions that you’re going to be completely and utterly lost without!

Believe me, trying to put together even the simplest scooter is an absolute nightmare without having the instruction manual close at hand. Even newborn baby items are near enough impossible these days.

Last year, our then two year old received one of those clever little scooter/trike contraptions that you can change “easily” from one wheeled device to another.

The weather at the time wasn’t the best, in fact it was pretty grey, wet and cold! So we decided to take the scooter out of the box and put it into the garage until a better day arrived for our little man to give it a try.

Then, one morning, out we trotted to let him play with his scooter. He was so excited! And then disaster struck. He wanted the scooter converting into a trike! We were stumped. We’d chucked out the instructions and had absolutely no idea how to change the scooter into a trike! Of course, two year olds are well-known for their lack of patience and their desire to have everything happen instantly. So there we were, a tantruming toddler and two distraught, stressed out parents with not a clue what to do!

This is why it is so so so important to check through your packaging BEFORE you chuck it all into the bin.

These days, instruction leaflets are pretty amazing. There are multilingual manuals for pretty much every gadget and gizmo on the market. You just need to remember to keep hold of the things!

These days pretty much every single child’s toy on the market needs some kind of putting together once you get it out of the box. And despite what you might think, these things can be pretty complicated – as we found out to our great dismay with the awkward scooter/trike combo.

Instruction manuals have come on so much over the years too – they’re often visual manuals – full of really helpful images to show you exactly what to do which is often so much easier than trying to follow written instructions.

Thankfully, my husband eventually figure out how to convert the scooter into a trike. My toddler spent a couple of extremely happy minutes riding around on his trike before demanding it be turned back into a scooter. Kids!

*This is a collaborative post.


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