Back to school – why I’ve craved my routine!

Back to school – why I’ve craved my routine!

The long summer holidays have always been something I’ve dreaded. This dates back to my childminding days when 6 weeks off meant my life would be turned upside down working long hours looking after up to 9 children every day. It was exhausting and incredibly stressful. Since I stopped childminding 3 years ago, it’s taken me a while to snap myself out of that mindset and realise that having the kids at home is actually pretty lovely.

This summer, I’ve really enjoyed so many things with the children. I still work part-time from home but not as a childminder – and that’s made such a difference.

I’ll work in the mornings, and then we’ll have the afternoons free before work again in the evenings. I also took two weeks off work which was just lovely.  We had days out as a family and we spent some really quality time together.

But, and there is a big but here, I have been craving my routine desperately for the last couple of weeks. As well as being employed from home, I also run my own business too, and with three children at home there just aren’t enough hours in the day!

I’ve been juggling everything and feel as though I’ve been achieving very little and I’m finding it both frustrating and exhausting.

Back to school

Most schools in the UK go back this week.  My children are back at school tomorrow, and we’re all definitely ready to get back into our routine.

This September, I’ll have all three children in full-time education for the first time ever. I was really unsure about putting littlest into full-time preschool. But, my business is going well but needs a lot more time dedicating to it. Plus, he loves preschool and I he definitely has the energy to go there full-time!

So, we decided to take the plunge in the hope that overall our family work/life balance will improve.

My routine

The morning is going to be pretty busy with my eldest now needing dropping at the high school. We’re used to a five minute walk to the primary school, so we’ll need to factor this extra trip into our morning routine!

Once all three children are dropped off at their different places, I’ll have an hour before starting work. I plan for my day to mostly work like this:

9-9.30 Tidy up from breakfast/do any cleaning/washing/admin that needs sorting.

9.30-10 Answer business emails, post social media posts for the day.

10-12 Work

12-12:30 Lunch

12:30-2:30 Business jobs

2:45-3:40 School runs

So, I’ll have an extra two hours a day in reality just to focus on my business. I’ve started to write out daily jobs for that two hours so that it’s focused time and not wasted working out what to do!

Are you looking forward to getting your routine back?


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