6 Ways To Save Cash On Your Summer Holiday

6 Ways To Save Cash On Your Summer Holiday

The costs of taking an entire family abroad is rising, with a standard package holiday now running into the thousands for those who crave a little sun, sea and sleep. Saving money on your summer break is more important than ever if you want to be able to give your children the type of holiday that creates memories. The costs in the school holidays may well be massive, but you can combat this by planning ahead carefully.

Most families like to check out Best.CreditCard to get their holiday paid for – they’ll figure it out later for the costs – but there are families who aren’t able to get the right credit and would rather pay for their holiday piece by piece. The key is to know where to spend and where to save and when it comes to a summer holiday, there are plenty of tips out there. We’ve got six for you below.

  • Bargain. If you are dealing with travel agents, don’t be afraid to bargain with them – especially if you are booking last minute. Time sensitive products are always worth trying to get a few pounds knocked off, because rooms and plane seats often can’t be resold and no one likes an empty hotel room in their establishment. Learn to bargain and barter and you could end up with money off.
  • Timings. If you are picking your times wisely, you could be saving yourself cash. Flying out on a Tuesday, for example, is cheaper than flying on a Saturday morning. Always use websites like this to figure out the best prices with the best airline.
  • Cookies. Not the eating kind. When you search for flights or breaks online, your computer saves the data for later. If you clear your browsing history and your cookies, you can often get a better price for your break.
  • Self-Cater. Where possible, book breaks that offer a self-catering option. If you can cater for yourselves, you can bring food with you for day trips and the like and you can save your money doing this. Most options that are all inclusive are often expensive compared to self-catering.
  • Home Holidays. If you can’t manage going abroad, why not try camping at a local site instead? You can still see a different part of your home country and have a very enjoyable time without having to get on a long-haul flight. Camping can be just as exciting, especially as those of you out there who aren’t a fan of sleeping in bags can look at glamping!
  • House VS Hotel. Sometimes, an AirBNB property can be cheaper than a hotel, so check out the options online before you go and well in advance. There are varied payment options, so don’t be afraid to check it out and deconstruct the holiday you want with flights and a house booked separately.

A holiday with the kids doesn’t have to be massively expensive; make it happen with a little research and a lot of creativity.


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